Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Barkday Nala!!

Happy Barkday Nala!!  3 years ago, you came into this world!  I am so glad for having you in my life!  Love you, love you, love you!  Here is a gigantic bone shaped cookie for you!

Deer antler and Birthday Cookie

NOM, NOM  Thanks mom!
More great doggie stuff at Woof Gang Bakery in Celebration, FL.  Only part of the cookie was given to Nala.  The rest will be given to her during the next couple of days.  Nala did not agreed with this idea.  She claims that being the Bday girl gives her exclusive rights.

Her b-day this year was a whole weekend celebration.  We went to the FL Corgi Picnic on Saturday and had a blast (pics will be posted soon).  We went for a short trip to Meadow Woods Dog Park this morning. Later in the afternoon, we went to the Woof Gang Bakery and made it a whole afternoon, because there was a nice Farmer's Market close by.  Nala got tons of attention and enjoyed every single minute of it.  Right now, she and Cosmo are completely passed out.  I guess they did have fun.  : )


  1. Happy Birthday Nala!

    Much corgi love,
    Maggie and Lisa

  2. Happy Birthday Nala! Seems lik eyou had a very good birthday!


  3. *woooooo* That is one big birthday celebration, after all, she is a corgi!!!!

  4. Where did you get the deer antler? I saw one once, loved it, and never saw them again. :-)

    PS I like the new look on your blog.