Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Weekend Before Moving

We will be moving next weekend to our new apartment.  Mommy is very excited and very happy.  The apartment and the rent will be smaller.  But, we will be in a new place ready to make new happy memories and forget "the ghost".  I am getting nervous because most of the stuff is disappearing, and bigger boxes are showing up.  Mom says the place is a "mess".  I agree.  Cosmo likes it because she now has more hiding places.  Here is a look:

The Madness
Also, this weekend I graduated from Basic Training.  Mommy didn't practiced too much because she was mostly packing.  But, I surprised everybody by doing everything perfectly.  (Well except "Down", which I did a couple of times only.)  Mom was very proud!  I am proud too!  We will keep practicing and then we'll go to "Intermediate".  

Proud Me.

Here is one with Cosmo.  She found this misplaced towel in the floor and had her chance to lay in it.  Me?  I'm just next to her ready to play if she wants.  ; ) 

Add caption
Me and Cosmo will try to be back next weekend.  Depending on how the move goes and if the Internet connection is set on time.  Hopefully it will be an easy transition.  Can't wait to see my new place.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: The Corgi and the Kindle / The Corgi in the Kindle

Credits: Photo in Kindle by Gail Painter.  From the Book The Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Family, Friend and Farmhand by Susan M. Ewing.  Skin for Kindle Decalgirl

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We are moving! .... Again

One more time, and for different reasons, Mom decided that we are going to move.  I feel like a Gypsy sometimes.  But I know mom is looking out for us.  To have a good, quiet, safe neighborhood is a priority for her.  After looking around and doing some research, she got one!  Me and Cosmo are excited.  The house is full of boxes, and things are being packed.  Mom says that packing is always easy.  But, moving those boxes is another story.  I want to see the new place and start making new friends.  I know it's going to be all good.

On another note, on Mom's B-Day, she splurged on us.  We went to a very nice town.  Mom took us to a nice outdoor cafe, and we had breakfast.  There was a big beautiful tree in the front and a very nice view.  Me and Cosmo were tired, but the nice waitress brought us a bowl of water with ice cubes.  We were treated to some of Mom's breakfast.  Everybody complimented us on how beautiful and well behaved we were.  Mom was beaming.  Later, she took us to a Dog Bakery.  What a treat!  She got us cookies and more treats!  We returned home before noon.  And spent the rest of the day dozing.  We had so much fun.

Mom's B-Day Card from her coworkers : ) 

Chillin' at the outdoor cafe

Cosmo - "I was so happy I couldn't pose"

Our view
Mom thought this one from LOL Dogs was hilarious.

So, she decided to try it with us.  Can you notice how not happy is the corgi in the picture?  Mom didn't. Here are the results of the "dog in the box" photo shooting:

"Not fun, Mom"

"Not looking at the camera,  It's not fun"
We will be back with more news, more photos, the restart of the "Green Thumb Project",  the "2010 Sketchbook Project",  the new place, my graduation from Basic Training, the Corgi Meetup, and hopefully the "Mommy and Me" pictures.  All that as soon as we are settled in our new place.  Thanks for reading!  Hopefully me or Cosmo will have another update next week!  Take care.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pug Sings Batman Video

Not Corgi related, but it made me laugh so much.  Dogs are amazing creatures.  : )