Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Weekend Before Moving

We will be moving next weekend to our new apartment.  Mommy is very excited and very happy.  The apartment and the rent will be smaller.  But, we will be in a new place ready to make new happy memories and forget "the ghost".  I am getting nervous because most of the stuff is disappearing, and bigger boxes are showing up.  Mom says the place is a "mess".  I agree.  Cosmo likes it because she now has more hiding places.  Here is a look:

The Madness
Also, this weekend I graduated from Basic Training.  Mommy didn't practiced too much because she was mostly packing.  But, I surprised everybody by doing everything perfectly.  (Well except "Down", which I did a couple of times only.)  Mom was very proud!  I am proud too!  We will keep practicing and then we'll go to "Intermediate".  

Proud Me.

Here is one with Cosmo.  She found this misplaced towel in the floor and had her chance to lay in it.  Me?  I'm just next to her ready to play if she wants.  ; ) 

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Me and Cosmo will try to be back next weekend.  Depending on how the move goes and if the Internet connection is set on time.  Hopefully it will be an easy transition.  Can't wait to see my new place.

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  1. Wow! basic... I remember those days with Peanut as a puppy :). Peanut is in Advanced now... anyways congrats!