Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you, dear reader, a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  Always be thankful of all your blessings.

Butt Cam: "Turkey Impersonation"

Friday, November 19, 2010

2010 FL Corgi Picnic Pics!

On Saturday, Nov 13, 2010.  Around 200 Corgis and their humans went to have a fun day at Melbourne, FL for the Annual Corgi Picnic in benefit of Corgi Aid.  This year was the biggest one and I can happily report that $3,500.00 were collected for Corgi Aid.  And $600 for Sunshine Corgi Rescue!  Yay!  It was great fun, and a great turn out.  All Corgis behaved so good and I can bet that when they returned home they were exhausted and with a big smile.  I will definitely will go next year, and will encourage you dear reader, if there is one of this Picnics in your state, please do your best to go.  I have chosen some of my best pics.  But for seeing really, professional, very good ones you can go to the FL Corgi Picnic Faceboook Page.  All sizes, shapes, colors, Cardis, Pembrokes... OK! Here they are!



Cosmo making friends

Picture perfect fluffy

Almost white corgi!

Cuteness overload!

Nala reporting

Butt Cam!!!

Humans on ground, Corgis on chairs!

Coolest vest.

Event T-Shirt

Some of the silent auction items

Items for raffle!

Again: if anybody recognizes their corgis, please comment and I will add it.  Also, please don't use the pictures without permission ; ) Thanks!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Barkday Nala!!

Happy Barkday Nala!!  3 years ago, you came into this world!  I am so glad for having you in my life!  Love you, love you, love you!  Here is a gigantic bone shaped cookie for you!

Deer antler and Birthday Cookie

NOM, NOM  Thanks mom!
More great doggie stuff at Woof Gang Bakery in Celebration, FL.  Only part of the cookie was given to Nala.  The rest will be given to her during the next couple of days.  Nala did not agreed with this idea.  She claims that being the Bday girl gives her exclusive rights.

Her b-day this year was a whole weekend celebration.  We went to the FL Corgi Picnic on Saturday and had a blast (pics will be posted soon).  We went for a short trip to Meadow Woods Dog Park this morning. Later in the afternoon, we went to the Woof Gang Bakery and made it a whole afternoon, because there was a nice Farmer's Market close by.  Nala got tons of attention and enjoyed every single minute of it.  Right now, she and Cosmo are completely passed out.  I guess they did have fun.  : )

Friday, November 12, 2010

This Weekend.... Florida Corgi Picnic!! Yay!!


For more info:  FL Corgi Picnic .  In Benefit of Corgi Aid.  Pictures to come soon!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween fun! Paw it Forward still on!

Mom took us to the Winter Park Pet Costume Contest on Halloween.  We are not too fond of costumes on ourselves, but Mom decided to take us trick or treatin' anyway.  As soon as I found out that all those humans were handing out treats just for me being cute, I can't wait to do it again!!!  What a bounty of treats me and Cosmo got!  But, Mom, being a Mom, don't allow us to eat them.  She has already rationed them.  Not fun.

Official Event Poster

The Pet Costume Contest was on it's 11th edition.  It is sponsored by Bullfish and the Doggie Door stores. They are very pet friendly, and has two big doggie events during the year.  The Costume Parade in October, and the Doggie Art Festival on Spring.  The Doggie Door was a little corner on the Bullfish store, but its now a big and nice establishment.  Mom, went and wished to have an infinitely money producing wallet.  There is so much cool, different, cute, and unique stuff at this store.  There is also a corner for cats, and horses!  The store also caters for pet loving humans.  Mom says she knows where she is going for Christmas.   If you are in the Winter Park, FL area; pay them a visit.  You will love it!

There were so many vendors outside with treats and "freebies".  Many new local products that Mom didn't knew of.  Lots of furry friends.  I met so many.  Cosmo, being her age, got a little tired but she kept traveling in style in our stroller (Pet Gear Jogger Stroller ,  Mom bought it three years ago for $85, now... just click on link for price).  It's our sturdy Pet Gear Stroller holds up to 75 pounds.  Sometimes when we go to places too crowded or we have walked too much. Me and Cosmo ride in it, and Mom is happy knowing we are safe and in comfort! (Mom is smart.)

I also met some other Corgi friends!  We said hi to each other.  I met a handsome tri named Wally! (Sigh) But Mom didn't took pictures of him!!  (Mom fails sometimes)  We "baroo and arooed" to each other and played a little bit.  Oh well! I let some of the pics tell how fun the Pet Parade was.

Doggie Door Store front.

Part of the Doggie Door Store Inside.  

Princess Corgi
Sweet Corgi
Me and Cosmo ready for action 

Amadeus Mozart

Ben-Hur Corgi

"Jaws" and one of his multiple victims.

Costume representing Breast Cancer Awareness.

Cosmo traveling in style.  "Thanks Auntie Martha!!! for taking care of me.  Luv ya!,  Cosmo"

Love and doggie smooches were also treats.

Corgis... representing  (Me on the left, no costume, just pure cuteness)

The 6 inches, 5 pounds elephant!

Space Shuttle
****Note:  If anybody knows any of the dogs names and the correct disguise, drop me a note to add it! Thanks!

!!!!Also: Paw it Forward still on!  Me, Nala and Cosmo want to continue the Paw it Forward chain.  I f you haven't got a chance yet, and you have a dog blog it's easy! And fun!  Just leave a comment and your email address in the abcdefg(at)  I'll get in touch with you!  First comment wins!!!!!