Friday, November 19, 2010

2010 FL Corgi Picnic Pics!

On Saturday, Nov 13, 2010.  Around 200 Corgis and their humans went to have a fun day at Melbourne, FL for the Annual Corgi Picnic in benefit of Corgi Aid.  This year was the biggest one and I can happily report that $3,500.00 were collected for Corgi Aid.  And $600 for Sunshine Corgi Rescue!  Yay!  It was great fun, and a great turn out.  All Corgis behaved so good and I can bet that when they returned home they were exhausted and with a big smile.  I will definitely will go next year, and will encourage you dear reader, if there is one of this Picnics in your state, please do your best to go.  I have chosen some of my best pics.  But for seeing really, professional, very good ones you can go to the FL Corgi Picnic Faceboook Page.  All sizes, shapes, colors, Cardis, Pembrokes... OK! Here they are!



Cosmo making friends

Picture perfect fluffy

Almost white corgi!

Cuteness overload!

Nala reporting

Butt Cam!!!

Humans on ground, Corgis on chairs!

Coolest vest.

Event T-Shirt

Some of the silent auction items

Items for raffle!

Again: if anybody recognizes their corgis, please comment and I will add it.  Also, please don't use the pictures without permission ; ) Thanks!


  1. how cute!! I can't imagine all those corgis in one setting! How did anyone ever find their corgis (LOL since all seem to look alike ;)

    great fun for a great cause!


  2. So many short, long bodies! I wish that were in Texas! I would have bought so much there that every corgi thing would have been sold out(exaggerating, but I would buy a lot!)