Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh my! What a Fun Month! One Year Blogging! The Collar and The Paws it Forward are here too!!!

We have been so busy and having so much fun this month!  We have gone places, and have been spoiled and pampered. We are also celebrating our first blogoversary!  With a very long post!

Yay!! One year of blogging!

Let's start with the Tampa Bay Corgi Meetup's Herding Event at Groveland, FL.  It was the first time me and some other of my peeps have seen a sheep.  At first I was curious and approached them and showed them who was the boss.  For the second and third round, I already made some new friends outside the ring.  I just wanted to play with them!  Sheep are not that interesting.  Mom wants to try again.

Here are some pics!

I'm watchful.  I'm learning.

These are some of the present corgis and their humans.  I am 4th from the left.  Mom is taking the picture.

Me in action, approaching the sheeps.

Next:  Here is the beautiful collar that Mom won from Corgi Butts.  It's so girly!! I love it!  This is the "try it on" session as soon as it arrived.  If you like it, you can the same design, some others and even "made to order" ones at Big Doggy Bling.  All designs are super cool! And mom likes the quality of the collar a lot.  Thanks again Gibson and Kelly!  Here are the "modeling" pics:

Me, being all sweet.

Closer look. It looks so good on me!  I spent some time prancing around on it.  Mom talked about bath and grooming...

Then: On Sunday Mom finally went to the mailbox, and ... a package arrived for us!!! Yay!!!  Me and Cosmo hurried up to inspect it.  Oh! We started playing out of pure joy, when we found out it was the PAWS IT FORWARD package from Amy and Winnie @ Herding the Corgi .  The Paws it Forward has been going on for awhile in some corgi and other breeds blogs.  It's mostly a "care package" for our furkids and the parent.  It's so much fun!  Amy and Winnie sent us: Folding travel bowls (absolutely needed for going out!), a shedding blade (never have used one before, but it does get the job done!), the Hol-ee Roller Ball (MY toy), a cute eco friendly bear toy (sleeping companion for Cosmo), some Natural Balance Potato & Duck treats (thank you, thank you, thank you), and for mom, the book Merle's Door.  Soon she is going to start reading.  She was very thrilled!  Thaks again Winnie and Amy!

Here are some of the pics:
A package!  For us!

Package contents!

Sniff! Sniff!  Paper.... must be for Mom.
Pssst!  Do you think she will open the treats?
Maybe if I give her a hint?

Uh Oh!  

Woa!  All that is mine?

Ok, we played.  Lets ask for the treats!

Roger that!

Yay!! Treats!!

Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, goooooood!
Ok now it's my turn for the Paws it forward!  First email that hasn't been a recipient for Paw it Forward, and has a dog blog, please leave a comment with your email address. I will contact you.  Please remember to avoid spam use the format (at) instead of the @ symbol.  (blahblah(at)  Thanks!  Would be looking forward to hear from you!


  1. She looks so pretty in her collar! And you got such nice stuff from Paws it Forward! What a lucky girl :)

  2. I'm so glad they liked their stuff!

    PS Sheep look fun. Winnie and I will have to try it sometime. How did you come to know about the event?

  3. Hi,

    Just added Corgi Aria to The Daily Corgi's blogroll.

    Congrats on your one year blogiversary!

    Laurie Eno
    The Daily Corgi

  4. Thanks Kelly, Amy and Laurie!!!

    PS. Amy, The sheep herding was an special event hosted by the Tampa Corgi Meetup. This is the name of the place at Groveland : NorAust Kennel. The Web page is noraust(dot)com if you want more info.