Thursday, June 24, 2010

Solving the fear of thunder.

Thunder and lightning. Words that some of our kind fear. Sometimes even before the full event starts, uncontrolable reactions take over. This is the case of Cosmo. Her eyes bulge, panting starts, and no corner of the house or "Mom Made Refuge" comforts her. Until now.

Enter the Thundershirt . And it's a nice piece of clothing for us that somehow relieves anxiety. Specially in times of distress like during a storm. Here is a picture of Cosmo "modeling her new assistance device.
"I hope this works". " A big one is coming".
Of course Mom bought me one too. She hopes that our car rides become more pleasant.
"I like mine, move over Cosmo, my picture is about to be taken".
During the storm, Cosmo disappeared. Mom thought she was outside. After calling her (with no response). Me, and my excellent nose found her. She was deeply asleep in the laundry area. She didn't even noticed when the picture was taken. Mom was very pleased with the Thundershirt effect.

Storm: "Boom, crash, flash, Boom!"
Mom: "Thanks Thundershirt"
Mom now wants to test it with both of us during a car ride. But that will be another blog entry. Thanks for reading. : )

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