Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June: Summer is here!

Hi!  Nala here. It's been a while but we are back.  Summer is here.  It's very hot.  Our walks with Mom are almost canceled.  Cosmo gets hot too quick.  Mom is thinking on solutions.  My energy levels are accumulating and Mom knows.  The Sunflowers are keep getting bigger:

2 sunflowers!!!! Yay!

Cosmo guarding the perimeter around the sunflowers.

Also this month Mom finally, yes finally, bought us new collars.  And new tags!!!  They are very cute!  We like them very much.  That means more walks!  

"I like it Mom!  When are we going out?"

" I am ready.  Let's go, let's go!"

Also Mom, is learning how to use Google Chrome, and she obviously dedicated the "homepage" to the ones she loves the most.... Us!!!!  

Woa!  "We are on Google!"

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