Sunday, October 18, 2009

When the weather cools down, we go for a walk!

Yay! Today mom took us for a very long walk. Although it was around the neighborhood, we enjoyed it a lot. The air was crisp and fresh. There is an empty lot close by and mom allowed to run, explore, and just be us for like an hour. She said she was happy because she brought her camera. We probably walked around 2.5 miles. For me it was a breeze! But for my sister Cosmo, who is 13, is a little bit difficult sometimes. Still, she was so happy, that we frapped for a little bit. When we returned, we were given some Peanut Butter. It was heaven!! Then, suddenly we felt soooooo very sleepy and we went for a nap.

Mom spoke with our aunts today, and we were delighted to hear that gramps did very well on his minor surgery. When he came to visit last time, it took me two full days to melt his heart and let me jump on the bed to his side. But my corgi charm has never failed. :)

Well that is for today. Mom says she is going to step away from the computer and do some cleaning. BTW the weather today is sunny and 57 degrees right now.

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