Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not much to say. But everything will be fine.

My mommy has been very sad this past week. She says that her heart is broken. That she should have prepared herself, and not dwelled in hopes that much. She was working hard, but life threw at her an unforeseen curve. I have felt nervous and upset. She has noticed this, and has taken us for loooooong walks. I have enjoyed, but I think it gives her a lot to think of. At some of them, she cries. Others she gets a bust of energy and confidence. "I can do this". But then, tears strikes again. Me and Cosmo are giving all our love, and she returns it. She is very grateful that we are in her life. She says that just our presence gives her strength, and she says that everything will be fine. She looks scared and lost sometimes. She wants to talk, but it's afraid about what people have to say. Very few people have lost the art of just listening, and give comfort. Mom says that she feels guilty, that maybe there was something that she could have done. She has read old emails, secret letters, and her journal, but she can't find an answer. That perhaps, everything was decided already, and she was foolishly blind to see the signs.

I know she will be fine. I will give her strenght. She is my mommy after all!

On the picture, I am offering my belly to be rubbed. Mom says it provides, soothing effects, happiness, instants smiles, and lots of love. : )

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