Friday, December 24, 2010

Fallter (Fall/Winter) 2010/ Secret Santa's Gift!!

Here in the "Sunshine State" we got what I call a Fallter (Fall/Winter).  These are the months that one day the weather will be in the 70's and then either 10 hrs later or the next day we are shivering at 27 degrees.  But I find myself lucky enough not to deal with snow.  Although many of you will differ.  One day, I will be daring enough.  But right now, I prefer being warm and cozy.  Here are some pics of the girls enjoying the Fallter:

Cosmo with her girly sweater.  

Nala pondering about what to do with so many leaves.   Mischief on progress.

Long dog.  
Also we received our Secret Santa Gift a couple of weeks ago.  I have not been able to go to the internet too much.  Due to work and reading "The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo" Trilogy and "Merle's Door" the latter was our Paw it Forward gift from Amy and Winnie @ Herding the Corgi. All of these books are highly addictive. ; )

Here is the gift from the Secret Santa.  Waiting to be opened.  Can't wait!!!  Thanks!!!

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