Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Sunflower Project

Mommy loves sunflowers!  They are her favorite flowers in the world.  To celebrate her life, she decided to try her "green thumb" this year.  Here are some pics.  From the first buds, to the first bloom.  Hopefully, it will keep growing.  And that means, more pictures to come.   Enjoy!
First little buds!  Hooray!
Growing strong!


First one blooming!!!  : ) 

So cute!!  Mommy is so proud!
Of course, here is a couple of me and Cosmo playing in mommy's bed while she was cleaning.  We are such good furkids!  (Yes you are, and mommy adores both of you : *  )

"I hope she doesn't find my latest rebel act under the bed"


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