Monday, March 8, 2010

About Car Rides and the Dog Booster Seat

Car rides are one of the favorite things for a dog to do. Cosmo lives for car rides. She sits in the car, looking through the window, making dog art with her nose, just enjoying the moment. Nala, on the contrary, won't have any of it. She doesn't get car sick. But she gets scared of movement, or noises in the road. She starts moving around the backseat trying to get into the front seat. I tried restraining them with their crates, which are too big. And Cosmo wasn't enjoying the ride anyway. Seatbelts! I thought. For Cosmo worked out great. Nala kept moving so much, that I have to stop the car several times to untangle a "corgi pretzel". The moving itself is not what really bothers me. Is the constant whining, which increases in volume as the ride goes on. It's a true test of patience. As other corgi owners suggested, I bought a Car Seat Booster for Dogs. I tested one day on a 20 minute ride around the neighborhood. Cosmo was extremely pleased with it. Nala... well, I hope she gets used to it. At least, I know exactly where she is in the car. Althought the movement is more restrained, the whining persists, only in a very low volume. Hopefully one day, I will have a nice car ride. Here are some pictures:

Nala: "Hey this is cool" Cosmo: "Mom, let's go, let's go"

Cosmo's reaction: "Wonderful, more, more, more!!"

Nala's reaction: ....


  1. very cute idea. Maggie has a seatbelt and she gets tangled in it as well. where did you find these?!

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  3. Does your dog love car rides? Did you know pets have been included in the possible distractions for drivers and drivers can be fined if their dog is imparing their ability to drive safely.

    "Traffic Safety Act 115(2)"