Saturday, January 9, 2010

A New Year, New Resolutions, New Strenght

These past two weeks have been really cold. I enjoy running and feeling the wind. My mom... not so much. She wraps herself in layers of clothes, and our walks have been reduced to almost 5 minutes. Not fun. I know the weather will start getting a tiny bit warmer, and well go out for our regular walks. Can't wait!

Mom is happy that a New Year has started. She has been making her Resolutions list already! She was pretty good last year. I was proud. This year Resolutions: loose more weight, be in better shape for summer, buy and use a swimsuit, go on a cruise, keep living on the present, smile more, keep practicing boddhittsava habits, make more friends, get a house, improve her career, and dare to fall in love again! Keep blogging, journaling, taking more pictures of us, and things that she like. Pick up a hobby, learn something new. Woof! That's a lot! LOL

Me and Cosmo's resolutions are: be more obedient, get more kisses and hugs from mom, keep our good health, give mom lots and lots of love. Become cutter in mom's eyes. That won't be too hard.

Can't wait to see all the new adventures that this New Year is going to bring. May yours be full of beautiful surprises too!! : )

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